has illustrated site plans for "traffic stopper" and "roadside riot" parking strip designs
 A nice story on landscape strip gardening in the Seattle Times
More on
Seattle's landscape strips in this piece from the Daily Journal of Commerce
The Colorado State University Extension has a nice page on xeriscaping, including a
list of tough plants suitable for planting strips
  It doesn't sound pretty, but "tree pit gardening" is what Trees New York calls planting strip landscaping in their nice page on companion plants for street trees
The City of Canberra calls them "nature strips", and encourages residents to
landscape them - though approval is required by the "City Ranger"
In another excellent Australian site, the City of Alice Springs helps residents identify
native plants for their "road verges"
An interesting history of the Federal Housing Administration regulations of the 1940s that (unfortunately) helped promote cul-de-sacs over connected streets, but also promoted
eight foot planting strips
 Portland plants wildflowers on some of its "unclaimed" planting strips

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